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To promote awareness of community issues, facilitate system reform, and work with citizens and organizations to enhance or develop community resources achieving healthy more productive children, families and communities.


Caring Communities is a community initiative. Its goal is to share decision-making, accountability and resources to support better ways of financing, governing and delivering services to achieve better results for children and families.


Caring Communities is a citizen-driven community collaborative involving efforts by the state of Missouri to work with neighborhood leaders, citizens, business, civic and labor leaders to improve the lives of children and families in Mississippi County and part of Scott County.  


MCCC develops resources that will help Mississippi County residents become empowered and self sufficient.  MCCC provides opportunities to residents of all ages by coordinating services, programs and projects, by providing them locally.   Our Goals revolve around Missouri's Community Partnerships 6 Core Results

·        Parents working

·        Children ready to enter school

·        Children succeeding in school

·        Healthy children and families

·        Children and families safe in their homes and the communities

·        Youth ready to enter productive adulthood 

Missouri's Community Partnerships

Caring Communities is one of 20 Community Partnerships serving the state of Missouri. 

The Missouri Department of Social Services contracts with Caring Communities to serve in a partnership role. Our partnership is not a state agency, it is a private not-for-profit with a 501c3 status.

Missouri's Community Partnerships are coordinated through Missouri's Family and Community Trust known as FACT. There are only a handful of states across the nation that have similar partnership models.  For more information on FACT and other community partnerships in Missouri click on FACT's logo below.

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