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Food Assistance Programs

Mississippi County families can turn to Caring Communities and other county resources for assistance. The county has several different food pantries: USDA Food Pantry and Second Harvest Food Program in Charleston along with The Flame for East Prairie residents.  Additional assistance for home furnishings and other necessities following a fire or an emergency is available through Project Hope,  or Salvation Army. The programs are explained below and you can contact MCCC for more information.


Caring Communities Seniors - USDA Food Pantry

The Caring Communities Resource Center has a food pantry project that has more than 120 receiving food on a monthly basis. Southeast Missouri Food Bank provides the food and the Center is responsible for distributing the boxes for the county. For more information on the Boxed Food Program and eligibility, contact Lisa Minner, by phone at 573-683-7551.


Charleston Ministerial Alliance - Second Harvest Food Program

Caring Communities has partnered with the Charleston Ministerial Alliance to help provide a bag of groceries to families who are in emergency situations. The program is offered monthly and is on a first-come first-served basis. For more information about this program contact Kerry Stokes with First Baptist Church in Charleston or Ottis Boyce. 


East Prairie - The Flame of Hope

United Methodist Church along with supporting area churches have collaborated to see that East Prairie residents in need of food have a pantry available two days a week.  The food pantry is located on Washington Street in East Prairie and is open Monday and Thursday from 8:00 to 4:00 pm.  For more information on the food pantry in East Prairie, please refer to contact numbers listed on front door of pantry. 


Project Hope

This project supplies furniture and other necessities to families that encounter a fire or other emergency situations where items are needed for a home. Furniture in working order can be donated to the center. Items of this nature are only available if donations are made.  For more information call the Caring Communities Center at 573-683-7551.

Red Cross

The Red Cross will provide assistance such as clothing and food to families in a burn out situation.  If you have experienced a home fire and are not able to live in the home contact the East Prairie Chamber of Commerce at 573-649-5243.

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