To promote awareness of community issues, facilitate system reform, and work with citizens and organizations to enhance or develop community resources achieving healthy more productive children, families and communities.

Caring Communities is a community initiative. Its goal is to share decision-making, accountability and resources to support better ways of financing, governing and delivering services to achieve better results for children and families.

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Wondering how to do the most good this holiday season. 

The pandemic means far more of your neighbors are in dire need -- but due to store closings and online shopping, in-person red kettle sites will be at historic lows.  We need your donation more now than ever.  During this holiday season as we give Thanks, we ask that you give from the heart to help others!  By clicking the donate button below you can give and help a family in need in Mississippi County!  

Southern Missouri Works Project 

SPIRIT Substance Prevention, Intervention, Resource Information Technology

SPIRIT is a student lead project where High School students volunteer to help local businesses have a webpage and social presence.  The purpose is to help small businesses understand the importance of online and to help with creation.  

SMWP offers the SkillUp program throughout 7 counties.  The SkillUp program provides support, training and other support services to help families become financially dependent by developing a career plan, gaining valuable work skills to help, earning the proper credential to obtain employment at a living wage of $12 dollars or more an hour.   To see some success stories and understand the process visit  smwpskillup.com

Level Up Youth Program

Level Up Youth enjoying after school activities.  Each week Level Up Youth experience different skill building exercises, fun activities, and volunteering experiences to help them reach for greatness!  To become a Mentor or just volunteer to help on certain outings please contact Youth Coordinator, Tony Jones at 573-683-7551 or visit the Youth website at levelupyouth.com!

Youth Drug Prevention Outreach

Each month several organizations, agencies, law enforcement, school systems and concerned citizens meet to discuss strategies to prevent youth drug usage.  Presently, the group is working on activities for the current year.  If you would like to be a part of this coalition please call Eric @ 573-683-7551.

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