To promote awareness of community issues, facilitate system reform, and work with citizens and organizations to enhance or develop community resources achieving healthy more productive children, families and communities.

Caring Communities is a community initiative. Our goal is to share decision-making, accountability and resources to support better ways of financing, governing and delivering services to achieve better results for children and families.

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Skeleton Costumes


Safe Sweets Trick or Treating Maps will go home with EPR2 preschool-6th grade students on Halloween 10/31/2022.  The map will be posted the same day to the Caring Communities Facebook page... this is a way to help keep kids safe and allow them to enjoy trick or treating too.  East Prairie allows trick or treating from 5pm - 8pm.  

A special thank you to all the sites that are part of the Safe Sweets project.  CC couldn't do it without you!

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Workforce Program
Southern Missouri Works Project - SMWP

Caring Communities Workforce Program - SMWP offers assistance to 7 counties in Southeast Missouri.  The Workforce program provides support, training and other support services to help families become financially dependent by developing a career plan, gaining valuable work skills to help, earning the proper credentials to obtain employment at a living wage of $12 dollars or more an hour.   To see some success stories and understand the process click the link below.

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Caring Communities Early Learning Center

Caring Communities will begin the process of developing and implementing a childcare center in the southern end of Mississippi County in 2022.  With limited licensed centers for working families in the county, CC has been working to establish the center as one of the strategic goals started in 2015.  

For more information on the center, please contact our office @ 573-683-7551.

Center Staff

CC is looking for individuals that are motivated and love children.  If you are that individual and would like to work at the Center please send resume with cover letter and references to info@mccaring.org or drop off at Caring Communities main office in East Prairie.  

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Missouri Community Partnerships - MOFACT.ORG

Caring Communities is proud to be a Missouri Community Partnership.  There are currently twenty Community Partnerships across Missouri. These non-profit organizations work in concert with local, state and federal partners to implement effective community strategies to meet local needs.  Caring Communities has been a Community Partnership for more than 24 years established in 1997.


Caring Communities focus is to inspire and empower families to become self sufficient and thriving in the areas that we serve.  With goals that involve children healthy, safe and educated, parents working, and youth succeeding. 


To see other organizations like Caring Communities across Missouri visit mofact.org by clicking the link below.

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LEVEL UP Youth Outreach Program

Level Up Youth enjoy after school activities.  Mentors work to help chidden succeed.  Level Up Youth experience different skill building exercises, fun activities, and volunteering experiences to help them reach for greatness!  Level Up conducts summer camps, afterschool tutoring, lunch buds and other youth events.


Anyone wishing to become a Mentor or just volunteer to help on certain outings please contact Youth Coordinator at 573-683-7551 or visit the Youth website at levelupyouth.com!

Therapy Session

Youth Drug Prevention Outreach

​Each month several organizations, agencies, churches, law enforcement, school systems and concerned citizens meet to discuss strategies to prevent youth drug usage.  If you would like to be a part of this coalition please call 573-683-7551.

The Coalition has just finished the first section of "Teen Talks" and it is a must see to understand what teens are feeling about drugs and how they have impacted their lives.  To watch the video scan the bar code on the flyer below.

Over the next few months, "Teen Talks" will continue with different videos.  Parents and the community will be able to participate in future presentations.  To learn more about programs and projects conducted by the Coalition visit the Facebook @misscodrugfree - Mississippi County Drug Prevention Coalition

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YFCP - Youth Future Career Program

The outreach project, YFCP works with area foster youth ages (16-21) in Mississippi and Scott County.  The purpose of YFCP is to help youth in the foster care system transition from care to independence and become productive young adults.  This program works with Department of Social Services and other area Missouri Community Partnerships in southeast Missouri to build a network of outreach and support.

For more information on the project please contact a Case Manager at Caring Communities.